Over the course of three days, the Clear Creek Festival will draw together members of the surrounding rural and urban communities along with guests from across the country with the intention of building community, promoting social change, and inspiring all of us to live more sustainably—in harmony with nature and with one another.

Musicians and artists who share these goals and the values behind them will grace the stage from a range of ethnic and Appalachian traditions including mountain traditions of storytelling, folk, and bluegrass music as well as other southern genres including roots, soul, and hip-hop.

The Clear Creek Festival provides us with an opportunity to envision and enact what an alternative society can be—a society that actively challenges patriarchy, racism, homophobia, environmental degradation and the other injustices that we face in our region and throughout America.  There will be opportunities to get active in creating that alternative society beyond the three-day festival through the workshops and connections to community activists and organizers who will be joining us throughout the weekend.

We look forward to the festival, welcome you to it, and believe that the energy and spirit we create together at Clear Creek will allow us all to come home refreshed and rejuvenated, inspired and empowered in a time when our land, our people, our world, and ourselves need it more than ever.  Please by sending an email to your friends and plan to join us—and check out the beautiful photos below of the community we’ve all been building on Clear Creek!

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