Workshops will be offered on Saturday afternoon and self-organized throughout the weekend in hopes of empowering all of us to live more sustainably, artfully, and healthfully.  Personal sessions will be available throughout the weekend with Rekhi, Polarity, Massage, and other therapeutic healers.

A free community meal will be prepared on Saturday afternoon in the grounds kitchen using fresh, local produce from a number of farmers and community members who planted surplus in order to share a meal with everyone at this year’s festival.  If you would like to have a hand in preparations or have other goods to offer for the community meal, please let us know: [email protected].

As always, there will be great activities for children and young people throughout the weekend in our Youth Village.  We are eager to have more volunteers supporting our great Youth Coordinator, Kim Nicholson, so please contact her at [email protected] if you are interested in supporting the Youth Village with your time and energy prior to or during the festival.  We are also eager to have plenty of fun & sustainable supplies for the youth to create art, so please bring any extras you may have on hand to share with the Youth Village.