We are working hard to build the infrastructure of the festival grounds and enhance the performances, workshops and other offerings at the festival.  We intend to keep the festival small and family-oriented as we evolve it, and we need your support to do so--the two best ways to help now are by purchasing advance tickets and about the festival.

Advance tickets help us plan ahead for who's coming and fund our efforts to improve the grounds and bring in more great performances, workshops & activities for the weekend.  Tickets for the entire weekend are just $25 and you can purchase online through a secure site with credit or debit card:

You can also mail a check or money order along with this order form (pdf or word document) to:

            Clear Creek Festival
            PO Box 195
            Big Hill, KY  40405

All advance tickets will be held at the entrance to the festival. If you order online, you will receive an e-mail confirmation from PayPal that your payment has been received, and it's a good idea to bring a copy of that receipt to the festival with you.  If you order tickets by mail, you will not receive a receipt by mail from us--we will have your name and a receipt available at the festival information booth.

This year we ask that campers make a $10 contribution per tent to the festival to support the land and enable us to keep the festival tickets affordable for everyone.   We also encourage you to make larger donations that will sponsor the artists, support the infrastructure, and provide reduced-rate tickets to festival goers with less means.  Please use this link to make your $10/tent camping contribution and any additional donations you can afford:

Order online now or send in your order with payment and

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